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Fastener products market development prospects for the future

The first quarter of 2016, China endFastenersA comprehensive win the lawsuit finally settled for the last decade, not only embodies the Justice of WTO rules on the abuse of a market economy, but also Gradually increase the country's weight in the international arena, for Chinese enterprises to participate in equal competition in the international arena has built confidence. Currently, Chinese companies exporting to Europe has been resumed gradually.

Ten years in ChinaThe fastener industryProduct structure has undergone great changes, before the structure of exports mainly to middle and low, some high-strength and high-value products is now more mature. In recent years, with The rapid development of China's mold industry, parts standardization, specialization and commercialization work, already has a high level, great progress has also been made. Experts pointed out that high technology, advanced structure, performance Excellent quality, replacement and easy personalized products, is still lacking. Therefore, imports from abroad each year a considerable number of mould fastener, domestic tooling fastener should remain in technical standards, technology drive Hair, quality of product, development and breakthroughs.

All industrialized countries, most attentionFastenersDevelopment of the particular mold fasteners. Because molds are tools to form products.Mould fastenerAble to play a role in the protection of the quality of industrial products. Along with the China's economy has entered a period of steady, gradual optimization of industrial structure, quality requirements than for industrial products is also increasing, which die fastener requirements are also getting higher and higher. China fastener network is expected to: I Fasteners must be toward the high end of the mould development.

Die fasteners in the future be used in automobiles, motorcycles, household appliances, electronic communication, construction equipment, instrumentation, plastics and rubber, and other fields. From the perspective of long-term development, along with a variety of application mould fastener, in this After mould fastener in the market economy will become a very active and rapid development of products, China mould fastener will accompany profound changes occurred with the advent of the era of science and technology, high-end die supply of fasteners and Is the inevitable trend of the future. High-end tooling fastener development prospects will be very positive and beautiful.
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