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ASEAN became China's construction machinery export in the first half of the first big market

According to the General Administration of customs statistics, first half of 2016, while ASEAN exports are slightly down, but its still exceeds Africa Latin America in terms of size, as the exports of construction machinery in China's largest market.

   Judging from subdivision of construction machinery product exports in the first half, the excavator products are mainly exported to Thailand and the Philippines, followed by the United States, and India; loaders are mainly exported to Turkey, and Russia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Viet Nam and Indonesia; bulldozers are mainly exported to Russia and the Philippines; rollers are mainly exported to the United States, and Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines; construction cranes are mainly exported to Viet Nam, and Venezuela, and Singapore, Indonesia, India and the Philippines; Tower cranes are sold to Korea, and Viet Nam and Malaysia; forklifts are mainly United States, and Australia, and Thailand, and Korea and Turkey; concrete machinery mainly to Viet Nam, the Philippines and Indonesia; tunnel boring machines are mainly exported to the new Singapore.

  Can thus see that the main export markets for each type of subdivision of construction machinery products in almost all ASEAN countries, such as the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Viet Nam, and Singapore and other five countries leading the way.

   China construction machinery business online editors learned that 2016 is the 25 anniversary of the China-ASEAN dialogue relations, developed in mid-September this year the 13th session of the China-ASEAN Expo, will be "to build 21 Jamie Silk Road on the sea, build closer China-ASEAN community of destiny "as the theme, around the drive capacity of China-ASEAN cooperation, to build China-ASEAN in-depth discussion on issues such as cross-border e-commerce platform.

  Future, with further deepening of the China-ASEAN economic cooperation, China's construction machinery industry in ASEAN will usher in a broader market spaces.

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