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Fasteners corporate brand to occupy a favorable market share

"fastenerIs the basis for industrial development,fastenerQuality seriously affecting the quality of industrial products, it is not only industry, many of the industry's products are inseparable from the fastener, which determines its wide range of uses. "InternationalMouldandHardwarePlastic Industry Suppliers Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui said behind to build a monster, have a small fastener indispensable role, albeit small players, but it has a crucial impact. Because of the importance of convergence, consumers will be purchasing more than a brand of all ages.

Thanks to all of this in Ningbo China fastener enterprises to build, forming a good effect of industrial clusters, many famous brands have begun fastener into the international market, the fastener brand building, brand promotion and other fasteners aspect cut precedent, depicting the feasibility of Chinese fastener enterprises in brand development.

Blind pursuit of market interests, long ago, to quietly change the brand, China's fastener market has gradually emerged with a lot of things related to brand building: brand fasteners, fasteners brands, brand fasteners market. There are many market segments have begun to emerge, such as, Teeth and so on. Brands market share expansion is the corporate brand fastener success rate of the most effective proof.

But China's fastener industry standard products is still at a low, small, scattered state, not many well-known brands. Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, the city plans to form the fastener industry financing guarantee companies, industries and enterprises to solve difficulties in financing, and start-up and established Wenzhou fastener database, industry statistics to fill gaps. Under the gradual tightening of the macroeconomic environment, the overall development of Wenzhou fastener industry is getting better, the product mix as the industry needs change, the high-end market share Growing, upward to enhance the quality of corporate brand.

For our fastener business, Luo Baihui that more urgent in a standardized and continuously push forward the development of enterprises, accustomed to the standards of their own development, with the rapid transformation of economic development mode the fastener industry, companies have to consider should products do meticulous precision, enhance scientific and technological content, change the original extensive product production.

Existing types of fasteners worldwide standard of about 2000, of which China's standard fasteners are also more than 400. Technical standards are divided into basic technical conditions, structural elements,mechanicalPerformance, products, technology, testing, test methods, etc., which has become a science and technology into productive forces of the bond, is the realization of the social product, an important basis for intensification and for commerce and acceptance of arbitration.

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