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Discussion on development situation to China's fastener industry

ChinafastenerGrowth has been impressive progress in the industry, the world's top 500 enterprise groups have been set up more than 450 companies in China, which also attracted manyfastenerChinese enterprises to invest, to date, nearly 200, the total assets of the country accounts for about 25%, which will promote and enhance the overall level of China's fastener industry.

After the small and medium private enterprises fastener at a low price strategy to obtain a certain market share, it has been allowed to be proud of the cost advantage is gradually weakening, with the large multinational companies began to participate in price wars fastener, private enterprises increasingly crisis situation, the development of China's domestic fastener business has come to the most critical and difficult moments.

"The most critical" because the city hesitate to shorten the gap, shorten the learning curve, which has become a priority. China fastener into the international market and will competing against multinational companies, but we must first put basic skills needed to train at home, the domestic affairs well, not only the immediate, regardless of long-term, in the face of opportunities and challenges, this It is the most important.

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