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Fasteners knowledge: riveted nut works

Pressure riveting nutIt may be called or self-fastening nut riveting nut, mainly applied to a thin plate or sheet metal on the nut, which is a circular shape, with one end of the embossing teeth and the guide groove. When you install rivet nuts should be noted that, although the installation method and principles have been identified, but the clinching stud riveting pressure or need special equipment to operate, which is guaranteed in the riveted stud after installation capable of maintaining a stable performance can not indispensable factor. When you install and should remain riveted head riveting press stud vertical balance, even under pressure.
      Pressure riveting nutIt works: by embossing teeth pressed into the sheet metal preset hole, general and square hole diameter slightly less than the preset pressure embossed rivet nut teeth, by pressure rivet nuts pinking boffins board inside that leading to the periphery of the hole of the plastic deformation, deformations are guide gibs, resulting in the locking effect. Rivet nuts into cutting steel rivet nuts Type S, CLS-type stainless steel rivet nuts, stainless steel SP-type iron rivet nuts and copper, aluminum rivet nuts CLA type, respectively corresponding to the different environment from the use of ring material .
      Rivet nuts product specific advantages: the back of the sheet remain completely embedded flat; small and compact, suitable for all electronic or precision equipment; high resistance to torque resistance; convenient equipment, simply riveted; specifications series, can meet a variety of design Claim.
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