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For all aspects of the analytical standard fastener products

1) Fastener ProductsStandard dimensions: the content of the specific provisions of the basic dimensions of the product; threaded products, including basic thread dimensions, thread ending, from the shoulder, undercuts and chamfers, outer threaded part of the end of the size and other aspects.
    2) Standard fasteners productsConditions of standard techniques. Specific and includes the following content standards: a) Fastener product tolerances Standards: dimensions specified tolerances and geometric tolerances content area. b) Standard fasteners mechanical properties: the mechanical properties of the product specified content levels of labeling methods and mechanical properties of projects and requirements; some fastener products will be changed to the contents of this product materials or work performance For content performance. Standard c) surface defects fastener product areas: surface defects specified product categories and specific content requirements and other aspects. d) Surface treatment standard fasteners products: Surface treatment specified content types and specific requirements and so on. e) Fastener product testing aspects of the standard: the above performance requirements specified in terms of the content of the test.
    3) fastener product acceptance inspection, marking and packaging standards: the specified project eligibility checks when factory acceptance quality levels and sampling plans, methods and content and packaging requirements of the product logo.
    4) Fastener ProductsStandard methods of marking: specific provisions complete product marking methods and simplified methods of marking content.
    5) other aspects of fastener standards: standard fasteners, such as terminology, fastener product weight standards.
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