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Magnetic stainless steel fasteners to discuss the issue

fastenerIf you are using stainless steel as the main material, we have to look at the problem of magnetic stainless steel itself. Stainless steel is generally considered not magnetic, but in reality series austenitic material after a certain process, there may be a certain magnetism, but if this judgment is that the magnetic stainless steel fasteners quality standards is not precise.
      Daily life is inseparable from the fasteners, fastener selection is subject, in this process, whether with magnetic stainless steel material and could not explain the level of quality, it is in fact a number of chrome-manganese stainless steel does not have a magnetic stainless steel. Cr-Mn stainless steel fasteners and not a substitute for the use of 300 series stainless steel, especially in the high-dielectric-corrosive working environment.
      Whether in the manufacture, use or handling all aspects of fasteners are stainless steel as the material has the advantage, of course, the high cost of stainless steel as the material itself, the life cycle is relatively short, but the fastener solutions , but still it belongs to more savings.
      Fastener manufacturing materials have many types, including stainless steelfastenerMore texture, the appearance of the image intensity in better performance, and corrosion resistant, easy to manufacture, the advantages of good welding. Stainless steel fasteners may be plated or heat treatment, it is possible to obtain better performance, while hundred percent recyclable.
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