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Future fastener mold will take the high road on the grade

2016-07-26 17:58:58

Our economy has entered a period of stability, and gradually optimize the industrial structure, the quality of industrial products than required as more and more high, whichFastener DieRequirements also increasing.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's mold industry, standardization, specialization and commercialization of mold parts, already has a high level, it has also made significant progress. However, those with high technological content, advanced structure, excellent performance, high quality, convenient replacement products with personalized, there are drawbacks.

Therefore, every year a considerable number still need to import from abroadfastenerMold, mold-made fasteners should be in the technical standards, science and technology development, product quality, etc., and carry out development breakthrough.

Experts point out that, due to the late start of the standardization of mold, China mold fastener has long been a few varieties and specifications, small-scale production, circulation is not smooth, more affordable products, less high-end products. Some foreign Production of high-grade fasteners mold, due to their cost and impact of its application. For the mold of fastener enterprises, not too concentrated, plant point too much too loose, the quality of products can not keep up; mold for fastener With the market, disorderly competition in the market is more confusing.

"Twelve Five" mold industry development planning: Fastener mold to expand the varieties, improve accuracy and achieve exchange. Now the second five, the development of mold fastener is still not keep up with the international level of developed countries. Many foreign mold fasteners have been used for several years, and China's fastener enterprises have not yet produced.

At present, high-grade fasteners are basically imported from abroad, are some of the captive use lower performance and less stable product, used for less demanding molds. All industrialized countries, more emphasis on the development of most of fasteners, of course, can not do without standards fasteners mold.

Mold is a tool for shaping products, fasteners mold can play a role in safeguarding the quality of industrial products, as China's economy has entered a stable period, the gradual optimization of industrial structure, the quality of industrial products is also required as compared getting high, which mold fastener requirements also increasing. Experts predict that the next few years China's fastener mold will develop in the direction toward the end.