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Harbin Rainbow Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest fastener equipment dealer and manufacturer in China. We have invested one Cold former factory(...

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Harbin Rainbow Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest fastener equipment dealer and manufacturer in China. We have invested one Cold former factory(...

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Global trade identification

2016-04-12 14:12:45
  In recent years, more and more mining machinery - Crushing and Grinding Industry attractions Africa, Shanghai World state in the African market "leader" role remains unchanged. Living Pradesh 2013 World Congress report released world market outside the center and sea explain the mining machine - the development trend in overseas markets broke mill industry, especially focusing on the Chinese mining machine - Crushing and Grinding enterprise market strategy in Africa, overseas companies Such innovative services, products and business models localized manner.
  Recently, the world focused on Nigeria, Africa's hot spots. March 4 the US "Forbes" magazine published 2013 annual list of global billionaires, has been called "Africa's cement king" Nigerians · Dan Gete Arico (Arico · Dan Gete), with net assets of $ 16.1 ten one hundred million for three consecutive years Reelection richest man in Africa, from 76-2012 years 43 this year, a significant increase in its ranking in the world.
In this regard, the World State Nigeria branch manager analysis, "Arico · Dan Gete richest man has won three consecutive years, the locals have become accustomed to 23 years of age he began in the cement industry, created the" Dan Gete Group " (Dangote Group), Nigeria, the largest comprehensive enterprise; local people generally interested in his personal legend, but as a company, we are more concerned in Nigeria, his general business development and sustained economic growth in the actual state. "
  The new phase of African economies: changing the economic structure and consumer culture
World Market Center has sea outside world Banghai provide local branches of foreign economic trends analysis and forecasting reports. In recent years, Africa's overall economic strength has markedly gradually increased to a new stage of economic development jump. Africa has not only become Dan Gete this wealthy class, but also to build steadily rising middle class, stratification, rising purchase power of the consumer market is taking shape. Many overseas companies in Africa, such as the countries of the world, as compared to the wealth of myths and Dan Gete, on behalf of my more concerned about the overall investment in the African market.
From the trend of economic development, the African economy has entered a period of steady growth, grew up in this period, when the consumer market has become mainstream consumer groups, the market demand will rapidly showing a trend of diversification. Rising from the development level of consumption, constantly enrich the content, the demand for more personalized, quality, technology, service seeking to become an important consideration.
In order to hear the voice of the market the first line, manyChinese enterprisesEnterprises are beginning to reach deeper on the local market. State of the World 2005 in Nigeria officially upgraded to a branch office, as the company's operations center in the African market. They will follow Headquarters predictable, timely feedback of market information and first-hand information of the overall market. With this information transmission, will form an effective flow of information between headquarters and overseas branches. State of the World have been fully aware of the importance of information flowing through the establishment of overseas markets, "If the company can not capture the changes in the market marks the first time it will soon be coerced in the trend of economic development, what is the final result More Drift, struggling to catch up with the trend, engulfed by the tide. "
Focus Africa: a new battlefieldmultinationalGlobalization
Contemporary Africa is undergoing a transformation, economic transformation in Africa will further impact of changes in the global economic landscape. Mali large-scale riots sparked a strong reaction from the international community, many countries focus on Mali's activities are not limited to the diplomatic front, it also from a global economic importance of developing a plurality of side reflects African countries. World Banghai outer center market speak, "For overseas companies in Africa, the African market is not only a regional success, winning the African market, will have a profound IMPAC
T in China's globalization strategy. "