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Similarities and Differences cold heading fasteners and hot forging nut between

Cold Forging metal is the use of plastic, the use of cold or cold drawn mechanical put pressure to achieve the purpose of deformation of solid metal. Terms of surface, than the cold heading product looks pretty hot forging products, good finish, in the use of hot forging nut general hardness thanCold Forging Products, To high intensity for demanding users, there are very different materials.
    Forging method at room temperature to the top of the bar or wire bold. Cold heading mainly for the manufacture of bolts, nuts, nails, rivets and other parts of the ball. Forging stock material may be copper, aluminum, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium Alloys, material utilization up to 80% to 90%. Cold heading more in a dedicated cold heading machine, easy to implement continuous, multi-station, automated production. In order to complete the cold heading machine cutting, upsetting the first, accumulate, forming, inverted Angle, Roll, necking and trimming and other processes. High efficiency, up to 300 / min or more, the maximum diameter of the workpiece for cold heading is 48 mm.
    Cold heading bolt bolts cold heading process schematic of a typical process.Multi-station automatic nut cold heading machineMulti-station automatic nut cold heading machine. Bar by the automatic feed mechanism feeding a certain length, cutting means cutting into billets, and then turn to the backlog of poly shape and punching station by a clamp transfer mechanism molding.
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