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High-strength fasteners increasingly fierce market competition

After the development of China's high-strength standard to a certain extent, we can use our technological advantages to foreign companies and confrontation, the only way to continue to progress, China's high-strength standard parts to be able to maintain a high intensity of competition, the development of high strength.

Today, along with the full liberalization of China's high-strength standard parts of the countryfastenercity More and more intense competition in the field, many foreign high-strength standard parts companies continue to enter the Chinese market, and landing rooted in our country, the use of cheap labor, to the production of high-strength standard parts in our sales. Faced with this pressure, how to make their products can not be suppressed, and develop more and better has become a big problem many companies think about, but also a company's future development direction. Faced with China's high-strength standard parts product Lack of brand enterprises also need to deal with the same problem, the face of so many foreign companies from the influx of ChinesefastenerMarket, this also means that a lot of high-strength standard parts companies need constantly to break their own, so that their development can gradually become a business and the international market, so that the development of our high-strength standard parts has a very big help.

We can see that many of our high-strength standard parts in these foreign companies compared to the lack of major big brands, let us on the high-strength standard parts market competition is relatively poor, so the country on the use of the familiar Price war, but because it is in China's fastener market, the price war for our business and it has not much advantage, then our country is the best way to create high-strengthScrewBig brands, have their own ideas, capable of high-strength standard parts and international standards, so that competition in the market will become more powerful.

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