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High strength, high reliability industrial fasteners into development priorities

Fastener to high-precision, high strength, high reliability, high locking, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, light weight, long life direction. Shaping the product to high-speed,Multistage cold upsettingDirection; large thermoformed products from warm to cold upsetting shaping development; shaping basic research technologies to cold temperature under load high-speed impact upsetting forming mechanism, flow stress model, CAE numerical simulation development.

"Zero defect" philosophy is a prerequisite for high-quality, well-known foreign companies for technical improvements fastener in the fastener structure design, new materials, lubrication, heat treatment, surface treatment, and continuously improve the quality of fasteners assurance capabilities.

The development of high-quality steel, heat-resistant steel, corrosion-resistant, high toughness and fatigue titanium, aluminum, high-strength fasteners products for automobile engines, nuclear power, wind power, high-speed rail and other major large aircraft engineering support services. Belgium Des resistant Love Company (NEDSCHROEF) Technology Center has developed new aluminum fasteners replace steel fasteners, Germany EJOT Group (EJOT Group) successfully developed carbon fiber self-tapping screws, and in the German automotive industry use.

Key Development:

Aerospace fasteners, high-performance sedan fasteners, automotive engine fasteners (connecting rod bolts, cylinder head bolts, flywheel bolts), supporting high-speed rail fastening systems, wind power supporting bolts, special shaped fasteners, a combination of combination of screws and fasteners, stainless steel fasteners, aluminum, titanium fasteners, carbon fiber fasteners, IT industry, micro screws, self-locking type fasteners, chemical coating type fasteners.

Focusing on capturing:

Large-sized fasteners cold heading machine technology and equipment, complex shape fastener precision forming technology, automation, intelligent precision cold heading machine, breakthroughs in key technologies of high-quality materials, precision heat treatment, surface modification technology.

1. Basic Research Precision Forming Engineering

Precision upsetting forming process mechanism, including the deformation behavior after raw material converting processes and restructuring of materials research, research of high strength metal wire deformation mechanism at a high speed impact load, flow stress model, temperature effect, dynamic failure phenomena; multi-station continuous Numerical simulation of upsetting forming process simulation software development, optimizationUpsetting Processprocess. Research on high nickel heat-resistant steel, high-temperature corrosion-resistant steels, titanium alloys and other new materials steel fasteners production process.

2. The high-precision complex forming process and equipment development

Automotive fasteners shape shaped complex, high precision cold forming machine Number of stations forming a multi-station to five, six or even seven-station station, and on positioning accuracy and high precision cutting. The product in small quantities and kinds of production, in order to improve production efficiency, automatic control of cold forming machines, automatic monitoring and quick die change adjustment, higher demands, the need to develop a number of man-machine dialogue, automatic control, automatic monitoring and offline changeover capabilities of the new cold forming machines and automatic on-line testing equipment.

3. The large size and small size fastener molding process and equipment development

In order to increase the large size fastener product quality and labor productivity, reduce production costs and energy savings required to replace hot cold heading punch forming, the need to address large-sized fasteners forming process and equipment.

To expand the fastener business markets, small parts of the cold forming expansion, research and development production shaft, small modulus gear and other technology products.

4. Large aircraft fastener manufacturing technology development

National large aircraft, regional aircraft and military aircraft manufacturers need to bulk supply of aerospace fasteners, its structure, the difference in performance requirements and fastener materials and other large areas of application, and the reliability of our aviation parts and materials and processes, security R & D is lacking, aerospace fasteners should strengthen research and development as soon as possible.

5. improve steel quality and increase new varieties of steel

Development and use of energy-efficient and non-quenched and tempered steel Free annealed or annealed wire simplified, delayed fracture resistance of steel, developed to fit the high pressure, high temperature, corrosion-resistant alloys, low alloyed grades, and to meet the needs of various production processes stainless steel. High-strength fasteners for automobile demand is also growing, with steel prices reached a number of cooperation to develop new kinds of steel similar foreign 10B18M, SAE1021-25, MnB123H and other levels, to promote the development of automotive fasteners.
        Source: China General Machine Components Industry Association, "General Machine Components industry," Thirteen Five "development plan" excerpt)
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