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How U-bolt can do better moisture moisture

  To make U-shapedboltNenggen good moisture moisture, the Chinese standard website describes some of the ways:
   1, the selection does not contain varnish oxidizing component, such as an epoxy or urethane modified epoxy varnish. Selection of paint containing no volatile acids. Try to use a mechanical vibration-free solvent paint.
     2, the use of melamine alkyd varnish, you should adjust the curing temperature and curing time, curing temperature slightly higher than 130 ℃ (such as 135 ℃) and the curing time is greater than 180min appropriate and necessary Yan Georgia execution process, especially in the hot and humid season, vibration sieve from the concept because of rust, the paint dry (curing) time samples of paint in the rules does not necessarily abundant, the motor has a specific internal shape.
   3, stainless steel screws corrosion surface disposal refers to the use of various methods of applying protective layer on the metal surface, and its role is to isolate the metal and corrosive environments to deter corrosion process, or reduce the corrosive medium touch with the metal surface, reach to prevent or mitigate corrosion purposes.
   Paying particular attention to the selection of screw tips:
   1, the material of the screw in the mechanical properties, particularly strength requirements. Some require a relatively high strength screw, then screw on the choice of a high strength material itself.
   2, the working conditions of the corrosion resistance of the material aspects of the requirements. Some network standard screws can be used in highly corrosive products above, which requires us to choose strong corrosion resistance and screw wire.
   3, the working temperature of the heat-resistant properties of the material (high temperature strength, oxidation resistance) requirements. Some screws in the case of high-temperature operation, which requires us to choose a high temperature resistance of the screw material.
   4, the production process of the material processing performance requirements. Some screw wire is better processed in the production process, some of the more difficult aspects of Hardness relatively hard. This requires us to choose the appropriate hardness of the screw material, conducive to processing.
   5, other aspects, such as weight, price, purchase factors must be considered. Weight screw itself, price, purchase and other factors affecting the choice of screw material, appropriate to consider these aspects it may be a better choiceScrew material.
 (Source: China standard network)

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