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Several shared wire nut thread locking mode

Nut threadThe role is to be permanently connected to the nut in the course of its ships will lock or loose the case, this mainly depends on the starting threads. The thread on silk jacket is a newThreaded fastenersIt is machined from high-precision diamond-shaped cross-section of stainless steel wire made of a spring-like precision internal and external thread concentric body. Of course, its performance is very good.
     To share the following nut threads to relax.
      1, the charged metal or non-metal materials (such as aluminum, magnesium alloy and other light engineering materials) mechanical parts, can form a high strength, wear resistance, high precision within the standard thread.
      As used: high voltage switching equipment, hydraulic machinery, welding equipment |, tobacco machinery, microwave communications, automotive parts, air separation equipment, coal, power machinery, textile and chemical fiber machinery.
      2, the thread processing errors or damaged internal thread repaired,Thread wire set(Wire thread insert) as a means of repair, can be obtained quickly and efficiently repaired.
      As used: a variety of important parts repair screw holes after tripping, such as: injection molding machine template threaded hole repair.
      3, using silk thread Metric units were converted ← → inch screw holes, very convenient and fast.
      As applied to:Imported equipmentInch thread or machinery spare parts supply problems due to the need to change the metric thread.

 (Source: China standard network)

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