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Importance analysis of fasteners in the industry

FastenersAre two or more than two parts fasteners became a general term for a class of mechanical parts used whole. Fasteners are characterized by many varieties of different specifications, performance and usage is different, and the very high degree of standardization, systematization, generalization, so that some kind of fastener standards have been called standard fasteners, or referred to as standard.
     FastenersIs the most widely used mechanical components. With China's 2001 accession to the WTO and into the ranks of the great powers of international trade. China's fastener products have been exported to countries around the world, fastening products all over the world Continue to flow into the China market. Fasteners as one of the products, which can import and export in China, with international standards, to promote China's fastener business to the world, promotion of fastener enterprises to participate in international cooperation and competition, Display of important significance and strategic importance.
     Screw a broad user base distribution: global fasteners mainly for the automotive industry, electronics and construction and maintenance industry. Among them, the automotive industry is the largest user, demand for 23.2% per cent of total sales of fasteners, followed by the industrial maintenance market and the construction industry, 20% per cent of total fastener sales; third, electronics, 16.6% per cent of total sales of fasteners. 

     Fastening development of developed countries by surprise, but China's fastener imports increasing ratios of price and export price, ratio of over 8 times in nearly two years, China's fastener industry is developing, so to further upgrade their technologies to replace imported products, is a good prospect but also the importance of technological development.  

     China is the world's largest producers of fasteners. In recent years China's fastener industry is in a period of rapid development, manufacturing techniques improved and relatively low labor cost, fastener Division of labor pattern of the world is Change. With China's accession to the WTO, foreign manufacturers would resort to dumping and other unfair tactics to seize the Chinese domestic market, the domestic fastener industry had great impact and challenges. After the financial crisis, China fastener production Industry was seriously impeded. China's domestic demand for fasteners, but because of crowding out of domestic firms and to suppress domestic fastener enterprises are unable to achieve the desired level of reasonable profit or loss, making it impossible to upgrade set And improved production processes. Domestic fastener enterprise there are constraints to development, small scale, low value-added products, and low risk, information communication industry chain is not timely, and so on. External factors and their Development bottlenecks of the Department making the domestic fastener business is struggling, and this caused the domestic fastener industry accelerate the process of shuffling, and, it is a truism, China's fastener business to grow, must seek the path to change, take the initiative to seek Breakthrough.

    China's fastener industry MallTo introduce e-commerce into the fastener industry, accelerate the transformation of enterprise management, cost savings, and help companies create a fair market competitive mechanism to enable enterprises to continuously improve the level of technology and quality of the products on the basis of, expand the market share of products to meet the market demand, so as to enhance the international competitiveness of China's fastener industry.

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