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Must pay attention to the screw quality! A screw loose company!

2016-08-12 11:15:03

Although news that happened a long time ago, but in fact exist.

      July 2, 2010, the Republic of Moldova (Eastern Europe one of the developing countries), "King of cars" geerde·boen announced that its Chrysler bankruptcy! This means that the only operating in Moldova 16 years ' car company, forever out of the commercial history of the stage.

      Geldanamycin in Moldova have engaged in the automotive industry for more than 30 years of history, 1994, geldanamycin in domestic auto production is not met, decided to purchase United States one of the three auto giants Chrysler manufacturing technology, Chrysler introduced the Republic of Moldova.

Geldanamycin are pretty strong, he does not need United States Chrysler invested much money, just provide technology on the line. When negotiating, geldanamycin United States car drawings are very simple. By Analysis and savvy geldanamycin Chrysler was dismantled and eventually agreed that a general type of screw, without United States support, so you can save a bit of technology transfer fee.

      Geldanamycin judgment seems plausible because the industry is not backward in Moldova, to produce a screw is not a problem. In fact, only in the Chisinau municipality as geldanamycin, there are 18 large and small Manufacturer of screws! After many negotiations, United States recommendations of the Chrysler motor company finally agreed to geldanamycin production technology---the screws out of the scope of transfer. In this way, in the second half of 1994, Moldova's first Chrysler automobile manufacturing company was born, geerde·boen parent company CEO.

      Geldanamycin company soon put into production and, of course, he easily solves the problem of the screws! After he produced cars on the market, good market reaction to the first few years, but by the year 2001, the problem Now: he cars were extremely high failure rate, which directly led to the rapid decline in sales. In the midst of all the problems, because a screw loose and cause failure and car accidents accounted for 80%!

      It turns out that Moldova is everywhere in this small factory, geldanamycin even reluctant to produce those small little screws, he purchased directly from domestic market screws. Those screws after the loaded cars are very easily Still, just a few years time there have been numerous incidents of terrifying and terrible: steering wheel fell from a moving car, tires from the high-speed race cars from the ... ...

      Geldanamycin production car was unprecedented in the negative and question!

      A car is often thousands of screws and nuts are used, United States Chrysler has become one of the three auto giants, because they each screw has superb production technology and strict inspection standard Shall prevail. For example treating a M6 screw, outside diameter tolerances at 5.974 between mm and 5.978 mm, a difference must not exceed 0.004 mm, while the internal diameter and pitch, material, surface treatment Indicators are very clear and strict rules. Due to put an end to the presence of defective products from the production stage, so in the United States Chrysler car, completely unable to find does not meet the required standard, quality is reliable.

      But in Moldova in this country, although many factories, but produced no model is without defect, also does not like the United States testing provided for in Chrysler's precise standards, even Lack of detection of a screw body, all the people, including Government and business, think the screw just screwed up on the line! For those such as "difference must not exceed 0.004 mm" requirement, they do not Smell, or is dismissed!

      With for screws and raised of accident constantly occurred, geldanamycin of car company back Shang has a increasingly heavy of burden, even has many victims organization up, requirements he stop production those harm of car, and will geldanamycin told Shang has Court, company of financial on such in a pen received a pen of huge compensation gold in the constantly reduced, Government also while issued warning, requirements he improve quality.

      On one side is a succession of compensation lawsuits, one side is the worsening sales, one side is bound by Government and consumers questioned, geldanamycin struggling car company! In this situation, geldanamycin hopes to change now And again to United States companies seeking technical support on a screw, however, the United States company seems to have anticipated this situation, over the years, they saw the car in the Moldovan market and start Secretly planned their own March in Moldova, so they naturally rejected the request of geldanamycin.

      After that, after several years of struggling, geerde·boen ultimately powerless, only announced his own car company bankruptcy! Frustrated geldanamycin complaining at a presentation ceremony said: "if it's not being United States refused, my company ended up not so! ”

      Geerde·boen is poor, is spending heavily on technological support but still ended in failure. But he is sad, until the very end still don't realize that bankruptcy is actually the real reason his own snub a screw. A loose screw enough to "loose" a company!