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Introduction of high strength bolts heat treatment process of decarburization

High strength boltsThe manufacturing process includes a process in order to improve the mechanical properties of the fastener, which is the heat treatment process. This process ofHigh strength boltsThis inherent quality of high strength bolts fasteners especially has a very important influence.
    Processing a high-strength bolts, the process is very complex, after many procedures, and strictly high-strength bolts for each process can be regarded as a basic qualification. To fully comply with the pre-designed standards, to go through more rigorous testing, there are reasonable storage, transportation and proper installation, the last to play a real role in a high strength bolts.
    It has a protective effectContinuous heat treatmentProduction line has been dominant up. In addition to its line quenching furnace is extremely good sealing properties outside temperature and process parameters by computer control is very accurate, equipment failure alarm and display functions are also readily available. Throughout the process of transfer of heat treatment, from the outside of the furnace will bring some oxidizing gas through a series of chemical changes in the surface of high-strength bolts high strength bolts rust reaction makes the material itself decarburization phenomenon. According to technical staff found that the degree of decarbonization of carbon steel is more serious than carbon steel, the fastest decarburization temperature is between seven hundred to eight hundred degrees Celsius. Mainly because the wire attached to the surface of the object under certain conditions decomposition of the compound is very fast, if continuous mesh belt furnace gas control is not good, but also will cause the screw decarbonization tolerance. When using high-strength bolts cold heading forming process, the raw material annealed carbon layer not only still exist, but have been squeezed to the top of the high strength bolts thread, this time the need for hardening the surface of high-strength bolts do not get predesigned hardness, mechanical properties of high strength bolts at this time will be greatly reduced.
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