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Introduction of wire drawing machine

  • Author:Bunny
  • Release on:2023-06-15
Wire drawing machine is also called wire drawing machine, drawing machine English name is drawing machine, is widely used in industrial applications of mechanical equipment, widely used in machinery manufacturing, hardware processing, petrochemical, plastics, bamboo and wood products, wire and cable industries.

Wire drawing machine according to its use can be divided into metal wire drawing machine (used for standard parts and other metal products production pre-processing), plastic wire drawing machine (used in plastic products industry with polyester, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester chips and other raw materials to produce a variety of hollow, solid round wire or flat wire deep processing of special complete sets of equipment), bamboo wire drawing machine (used in bamboo and wood products industry to make chopsticks, Toothpicks, barbecue sticks and other special equipment to pull out bamboo and wood for reprocessing), etc.
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