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What are the main structures of the wire drawing machine

  • Author:Gary Young
  • Release on:2023-06-15
High-speed wire drawing machine can be used to pull a variety of cemented carbide molds, as a common wire drawing machine equipment, its key process control system includes yarn splitting motor, coiling motor and wire routing motor. Other auxiliary parts of the machine and equipment are composed of pendulum rod (tension frame), precise positioning wheel, taking and splitting wheel, reciprocating cable rod, etc. The yarn splitting motor pushes the extension wheel to run, and the four-stage extension wheel is connected by the transmission belt to complete the metal material stretching, and the winding motor completes the unwinding.

From the structural point of view, the wire drawing machine is mainly composed of winding head, wire routing device, line departure device, drum changing device, welding fume wetting device, pneumatic device, sprayer device and engine brake system device. In it, the winding head structure is a part of the close connection between the main shaft of the engine tool and the engine itself, and the spherical body is selected for precise positioning to maintain the precision of engine rotation. The engine structure is centrifugal block type, which is composed of the engine itself, the block block, the block key, the pressure spring, the engine top cover, and the engine rear cover.

In the operation of the wire drawing machine, the engine will cause high-speed rotation, because of the harm of centripetal force, so at this time the rising block will be supported by the wire winding cylinder, and the chemical fiber is coiled on the surface of the wire winding cylinder. When the coiling is completed, the engine terminates its rotation, the centripetal force subsides, and the rising block falls down at will and can be unloaded.

The wire setting device is also one of the indispensable devices for the routine operation of the wire drawing machine and equipment. Under normal circumstances, the fitness exercise of the spiral wire spool is divided into rotating fitness exercise and repeated movement: the rotating fitness movement is completed by the cable motor according to the belt drive, and the repeated movement is completed by the servo drive motor according to the transmission belt, flipping ball screw components, and linear motion bearing transmission system. The stroke arrangement of reciprocating movement is in the middle of 50~200mm, and the stroke arrangement of reciprocating movement can be adjusted by changing the parts of the two positioning sensors.

At the same time, the cable runner detachment device plays two major functions: one is that the wire runner can move the engine orientation gradually when the wire reversing machine is gradually in the operation of the wire drawing machine and equipment, and the other is to make the wire runner slowly move to the right (also known as traverse) with the increase of time and the thin improvement of the silk cake during the whole process of the wire reversing machine. The interval between the wire wire and the surface of the silk cake remains unchanged, so as to ensure that the supporting force of the surface layer in the silk cake is consistent.
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