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Powerful factory spring coiling machine for springs spring making machine huge size

  • Author:Annie
  • Release on:2023-11-23
Spring washer machine
Spring washer machine includes three parts:
1 drawing the round wire to belt wire machine (if raw material is belt wire, pls omit this step).
2 rolling up machine / coil machine.
3 cutting machine
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Coil machine daily maintenance:
1) Jaw chuck washes it once a month,add high temperature yellow oil (300℃). Yellow oil see the photo 2 )Jaw chuck need to add high temperature yellow oil (300℃) every week. 3) every day clean the machine.

Coil machine

Leader wire

Yellow oil

Cutting machine Maintenance:
1.slide,each support part,wheel,rod,chains,copper bush add oil two time per day(morning and noon.) 2.Each day clean the machine when off duty.

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