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Process flow of cold rolling galvanizing line

  • Author:Bunny
  • Release on:2023-09-22
In the first step, the steel coil is cut into a steel strip by the cutting machine, and the thickness of the steel strip is generally 0.
Between 4mm-4.0mm, width between 20mm-1250mm.
The second step, the steel strip through the washing line, the surface of the oil, debris removal, ensure the next step
The processing can be carried out normally. This process requires the use of hot water or chemicals to ensure that the wash is dry
The degree of net.
The third step is to use a cold rolling machine to cold roll the steel strip and press it into the required width and sum
The thickness. This step takes full advantage of the ductile nature of the steel, allowing it to change into its own during processing
The shape.
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