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Several common fastener selection, characteristics, uses and precautions

 Quality combination of screws screw manufacturers first started from a combination of screws wire. Screw wire is to determine the combination of screws quality first pass, the wire is not good, even in advanced production equipment, sophisticated technology staff, they can not produce high-quality combination of screws. 

In order to see the quality of the product from the combined combination of screws screw overall aesthetics point of view. Forming a combination of screws, and its screw head size, appearance, degree of excellence flat pad, screw thread can pass through the only regulation and so on. These are to be detected out. A good combination of screws, the overall standard to achieve the national standard, or customer requirements. 

Finally, look at the quality of the combination product is the screw from the plating color point of view, of course, require a combination of screws iron plating, but a combination of stainless steel screws do not need. Some is the most passive, in order to increase a combination of stainless steel screws carry the salt spray. The combination of screws plating color, some are not good control, it will produce great color. This does not look good.

High strength boltsMatters should be noted that the construction

1, quality considerations

(1), surface rust, oil, bolt hole wall burr, weld, etc. should be clean.

(2), the contact friction surface treated to achieve the required scratch shift factor requirements. The use of high-strength bolts should be supporting nuts, washers, when used according to package, and should not be interchanged.

(3), Deal friction surface member is not allowed to install stick oil, dirt and other debris.

(4), when the component is installed friction surfaces should be kept dry and should not work in the rain.

(5) before installing the strict inspection and correction of deformed steel connections.

(6) When the installation is prohibited hammer bolt into the threaded bolts to prevent damage.

(7), periodic testing using an electric wrench, ensure the accuracy of torque, according to the correct tightening sequence of operations.

2, the main technical security measures

(1), using the spanner wrench nut mouth size should match the size of the casing should not be used plus a small wrench. High altitude operations should use die wrench, such as tied with a rope with a wrench while in prison, people to wear seatbelts.

(2), when the connecting bolt assembly steel components, do not touch the plug connection surface or Tanmo screw, to take place when the horn plate, horn finger should be placed on both sides of the plate.

OutlineLocknutCharacteristics and Applications

Nuts are parts of machinery and equipment will be closely linked through threaded inside, the same size nuts and screws, to connect together, for example, only M4-0.7 nut and screw with M4-0.7 (Beaufort The mother, M4 refers to the inner diameter of the nut is about 4mm, 0.7 refers to the distance between the two screw thread 0.7mm); US-made products also, for example, 1 / 4-20 nut only with 1 / 4-20 screw (1/4 refers to the inner diameter of the nut is about 0.25 inch, 20 refers to every inch, 20 teeth).

DISC-LOCK locknut is composed of two parts, each part has staggered cam, wedge design due to internal slope angle oblique angle is larger than the nut bolts, this combination will firmly bite into one whole, when vibration occurs when, DISC-lOCK locknut raised portions mutually dislocation, resulting in uplift tension to achieve the perfect anti-loosening effect.

Main features: easy to install; integrity; without gasket; easy removal; reusable; made of carbon steel; with 8.8, 10.9 and other high-strength bolts used in conjunction; by the US military - MIL-STD 1312 Vibration; Test7.Results detection; by Junker Test Detection; by Dynamic Test test.

Applications: Automotive industry - cars, trucks, buses; compressor; construction machinery; wind power equipment; agricultural machinery; foundry industry; drilling equipment; shipbuilding industry; military; mining equipment; oil drilling rigs (onshore or offshore) ; utilities; rail transport; transmission; metallurgical equipment; jack hammers.

Pressure riveting nutIts Features

Also known as riveting nut pressure riveting nut, self-fastening nut is a nut applied to the sheet or sheet metal on the rounded shape, with one end of the embossing teeth and the guide groove. The principle is pushed through the sheet metal embossing tooth preset holes are, Generally square hole diameter slightly less than the preset pressure embossed rivet nut teeth, by pressure rivet nuts pinking boffins board inside that cause holes in the surrounding plastic deformation, deformation was squeeze into the guide groove, thereby produced locking effect fruit. Rivet nuts into cutting steel rivet nuts Type S, CLS-type stainless steel rivet nuts, stainless steel SP-type iron rivet nuts and copper, aluminum rivet nuts CLA type, respectively corresponding to the different environment from the use of ring material . specification From usually from M2 to M12. Riveted nut there is no uniform national standards, commonly used in chassis cabinets, sheet metal industry.

Screws and boltsThe difference between the use of

Use screws and bolts are different, the screws used to connect fixed parts, mostly to play and easy installation and removal of the tightening effect. On the strength of the screw without high strength bolts. Than the strength of the bolt screws Strong, and it is usually used as part of the use of force, that is to say, in addition to the general tightening effect, usually bolt can withstand greater force. The design should allow reasonable bolts in tension or pressure, rather than bear shear force. In most cases used for tightening the screws into the threaded hole parts, rarely used in the coupling nut. Use bolts on the contrary, are generally tighten the nut, fewer parts between the threaded holes and tighten. Of course, this is not absolutely Right, unconventional situation is not necessarily unreasonable, but also flexibility.

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