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Several share fastener cleaning agent

fastenerPerformance protection is inseparable from cleaning agents, only to be cleaned regularly to maintain the fasteners in order to better playfastenerRole, so What are the main cleaning agent it?
      1, soluble emulsion cleaner
      Soluble emulsifier is usually composed of the emulsifier, dirt, solvents, builders, corrosion inhibitors and a small amount of water. The role of water is to dissolve the emulsifier, while the cleaning agent to dissolve the dirt surface of the fastener, the fastener surface back to stay A layer of rust-proof membrane. Emulsifying cleaner is a concentrated form of pure oil products, which will become milky white liquid after water dilution. Wherein the emulsifier and detergent can grab grease particles, and dissolved in a solvent containing and oil Cleaning agent.
      2, alkaline cleaners
      Alkaline cleaner formulated by the builder and surfactant mixture of alkaline earth metal salt is a most widely used cleaning agents. It requires cleaning agent PH value of about 7. Such detergent builder components are hydroxides, silicates, carbonates, phosphates, borates and organic chelates. Each of these salts and surfactants, mainly to ensure that the cleaning effect, followed by the economy.
      3, detergents
      Decontamination main cleaning agent contains a solvent, a surfactant and water. Unlike emulsifying cleaning agent, pure solution, not an emulsion. It is mainly used equipment, fasteners overwrap maintenance cleaning.
      4, synthetic detergent
      Synthetic detergent is an alkaline cleaning agent, and the difference is that the standard alkaline cleaners chemical composition, a standard alkaline cleaner substantially inorganic, and synthetic agents are amine-containing material with an organic agent. Use standard alkaline cleaner Single-stage washing to remove alkaline residue, but also a good rust inhibitor. Synthetic detergent to be used for cleaning of medium difficulty, such as cleaning the surface of the fastener or quenching oil quenching the polymer solution.
      5, an acidic cleaning agent
      Usually sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and citric acid, acetic acid. For heat-treated high-strength fasteners go phosphate film, mainly use the first three cleaning process, but should prevent the erosion of hydrogen. It should contain an acidic agent group Acid and base metal corrosion inhibitor to prevent the fastener surface, and improve the ability to remove the surfactant. But for the general clearing dirt on metal fasteners generally not acidic cleaning agents, usually alkaline cleaning agents. and Of oxide and other special attachments with an acid cleaning is very effective, the most famous is the pickling process. In addition to rolling, welding and heat treatment scale layer, plating or affect the quality of the oil seal surface oxides, rust and corrosion products, and water stains The precipitate is removed with acids.
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