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Bolt threaded connections, what does

Fastening accessoriesIt is to let the two carriers are interconnected together firmly connected to the role. As a general-bolts anchor bolts embedded in major large-scale projects to be widely used, the bolts can also be called standard. Then the general bolt connection is how it? Anchor bolts and screws are the same as the general use of threaded fastening as the way, thenBolt threadConnection, what does?
      The first isboltPermanent fastening. This means that a bolt in this way is not going to be separated again on such a riveting or welding, welding a nut threaded bolt fixed at the bolt threads of this formula is permanent.
      Another way of securing a semi-permanent use of such bolted parts can be disassembled late but generally will be used to cause some damage to the fastener. Without this form of fastening bolt for it, but in such a cotter pin fastener of this type of fastener.
      The third form is called removable bolt fastening method, in this way for the later disassembly is very convenient. For example, the average time to install anchor bolts will be installed in this way to facilitate the post-maintenance and replacement work.
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