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The method of combination screw surface inspection

Post-production produced. Definitely you need a combination of screws detection. For example, the combination of a screw surface for testing. Whole needs to detect what! Here Shenzhen a substantially solid screw Zhujing to explain. Chinese standard network tells you screw combination surface detection:
1. We have to look at a combination of screw shape of the surface, look at the production quality is no problem, for example, there is no screw headshot, wrong size screw combination, a combination of screw thread gauge pass only ever had.
2. The combination screw plating detection, for example, what color combination screw plating salt spray test, look at the combination of screws salt spray test time can not meet customer requirements.
Surface inspection screw combination is so simple, it looks relatively simple, but the relationship between the combination of surface inspection quality screw combination screw. Only a combination of screws surface inspection, in order to better ensure the quality of the combination of the screw.
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