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This section introduces the key points of the expansion bolt

How to use expansionboltThe key point to be aware of its fixed principles, expansion screws fixed is to use a ladder to allow the expansion of the slope there was a great friction, know the effect you want to achieve a fixed, generally we use to Expansion screws iron and plastic is divided into two, the method is based on the use of standard expansion screws make the corresponding holes, then it will play into the expansion screws play a good role in the future after the fixed expansion screws open of. Expansion screws are threaded shaped side, the other side is tapered.
      Expansion screws outside is wrapped in metal, and some expansion screws with steel encased, half of the incision on metal cylinder, then they are fully scored well before the wall of the wells, with lock nut, nut screw Pull out the nail hard tapered side pull into the metal cylinder in the metal cylinder are open to expansion, when it can be fixed tight to the wall surface, these screws are to be used in the expansion of protection bar, air conditioning, etc. bricks, Cement and other materials above. Expansion screws are usedScrewThere are some other parts of the mutual expansion tube composed of the screw at the bottom showing a conical shape, tapered tube inside diameter than the inner diameter of the expansion to be much larger in the nut plus When tightening the screw are to move outwardly in Express thread function to move one side open to the outside so that we can travel very large expansion pipe pressure, coupled with the respective friction can play a fixed effect .
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