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Four magic bolt fracture prevention

BoltsEquipmentThe main act of connection, will directly affect the performance of machinery and equipment, so we must pay attention to the use of bolts routine maintenance, while Bolt is common fault - fault, that we had a bolt for this failure to how to take preventive measures?RunbaoTell you about the four magic bolt fracture prevention.

      1, each run for secondary 12000km maintenance should be dismantling the engine oil pan, check the engine bearing usage, if we find an individual bearing gap is too large, should be replaced, the replacement should also replace the connecting rod bolts. If you find that normal operation of the engine is not running smoothly, there is abnormal sound, it should be promptly stopped and checked.

      2, each maintenance deal with new connecting rod bolt replacement checks should be noted that the head of the bolt, the guide portion, the thread ministries cracks or dents, tooth shape thread pitch is abnormal, unusual circumstances should be determined not .

      3, assembly rod cap application torque wrench, according to the standard tightening to prevent the torque too large, too small.

      4, the choice of the connecting rod bolt supporting plant.   

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