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Three kinds of fasteners difficult demolition forms of coping skills

For different fasteners, our daily lives will find some unusual phenomenon, which to this fastener is very difficult to disassemble, in order that we can better to disassemble the fastener and as soon as possible, the following standard network to China we shared three kinds of skills to deal with difficult demolition forms.

      First, the demolition of rust bolts and nuts

      Soaked in kerosene for 20-30 minutes. Hand hammer percussion nut around the earthquake loose rust layer, then wrung out. If still can not be removed, use a blowtorch heating nut, while the nut screw thermal expansion when heated less quickly unscrew the nut. If the slider is threaded, threaded holes may be drilled holes to increase the re-restructuring thread, increase the reconstituted end and the other end to keep the original diameter steppedbolt, The original screw to increase, then there is a process of internal and external threaded nut, screw diameter and increase matches, the same as the original inner diameter of the screw, adhesive coating 502 on the external thread, and then screwed into the screw holes to increase.

      Second, the demolition decapitated rivet

      When the breakage of larger diameter and relatively loose screws, hammers and flat chisel by hand thread in the opposite direction by slowly tick out. If decapitation higher end faces, which can be screwed out of the square into a file, or breakage plus welding a nut to be screwed out. If breaks up the end face less or no outcrop, drilling in off the head, then wedge polygonal hardened steel shovel wring out; anti-threaded screws with Flip decapitated screwed out. When allowed to increase the screw can be used to drill screw drill breaks out again increase the thread.

      Third, demolition spring group

      In order to prevent deformation of the fastener uneven force, should be Remove the screws diagonally symmetric group. When removing, first loosen the screws are 1-2 buckle, then removed one by one. A square or circular parts, diagonally symmetrical or center disassembly. Part of the long strip from both sides to the middle or from the middle to both sides of the symmetrical, diagonal sequence gradually loosen and remove. The split in difficult parts of the screws, first loosen and remove. When removing the multi-cantilever-shaped screw coupling, should be below, beginning with the symmetrical position individually loosen the uppermost one or two screws to remove the last, or likely to cause an accident or damage to the deformation of parts.

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