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What are the standard conditions fasteners

 In order to ensure product quality and customer fastener usage in the production process to meet the following standard conditions, to the following five.
      1, fastener product dimensions Standards: specify the content of the basic dimensions of the product; threaded products, including basic thread dimensions, thread ending, from the shoulder, the end of the undercuts and chamfers, outer threaded part size and other aspects.
      2, the fastener product technology standard conditions. Specific and includes the following content criteria:
      a) fastener product tolerances Standards: dimensions specified tolerances and geometric tolerances content area.
      b) standard fasteners mechanical performance: mechanical performance levels specified product labeling method and the mechanical properties of the content and requirements of the project; some fastener products will be changed to the contents of this product material properties or performance content.
      Standard c) surface defects fastener product areas: surface defects specified product categories and specific content requirements and other aspects.
      d) surface treatment standard fasteners products: Surface treatment specified content types and specific requirements and so on.
      e) fastener product testing aspects of the standard: the above performance requirements specified in terms of the content of the test.
      3, the fastener product acceptance inspection, marking and packaging standards: specify project eligibility checks at the level of product quality and factory acceptance sampling plan, methods and content and packaging requirements of the product logo.
      4, standard fastener product marking methods: the specific provisions of the complete product marking methods and simplified methods of marking content.
      5, fastener standards in other areas: such as terminology standard fasteners, fastener product weight standards.
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