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When FAQ fasteners Maintenance

fastenerAlthough it is a small part, but in machinery and equipment is an integral part, also played a very important role. So when we use the fastener, the need for regular maintenance, so as to ensure safer use of fasteners and fastener can extend the life and improve the performance of machinery and equipment.

      When we infastenerWhen maintenance, which is often a problem occurs it has three main problems?:

      1, the fasteners were quenched when to use cleaning agents to clean the above silicate impurities, and then to rinse carefully and avoid fasteners under the above residual impurities affect its normal use.

      2, the fastener after tempering, maybe it will change color, in which the fastener soaked in ether for some time, there will be oil-like substances, such a situation would indicate that the fastener dry enough net. After performing the analysis, you will find a heated fastener when stacked is not very reasonable, fasteners may be some minor oxidation phenomena in which the quenching oil.

      3, if the fastener above the white substance, it is very likely that some phosphide. The reason for this phenomenon is the absence of an acidic cleaning machines for cleaning, inspection and yo ah rinse tank when not careful enough.

      These problems, if not timely treatment, will directly affect the performance of fasteners used may also cause the fastener life cut short, resulting in damage to the fastener early phenomenon right. I hope three problems above considerations can help you make better use of fasteners.

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