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Chinese high speed screw header one die two blow

Chinese high speed screw header one die two blow

  • Model                                 RSH12-70
  • Max.cut off dia                           12 mm
  • Max.blank length                        70 mm
  • Max.cut-off length                      90 mm
  • Stroke                                     120 mm
  • Outpout                          60-70 pcs/min
  • Main Die  dia                    Φ80x120mm
  • Initial puch die dia             Φ55x120mm
  • Precise punch die dia        Φ55x120mm
  • Cut off die dia                     Φ35x45mm
  • Cutter size                          16x50x125
  • Main motor power                     15KW
  • LxWxH                            4.5x2x1.32m
  • Weight                                     8700kg

The head machine is a professional cold upsetting forming machine which is matched with automatic wire rolling machine in the whole plant of fastener industry.

Safety instructions
Its purpose is to the selected such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metal wire, with appropriate mould, according to the allowable pressure wire than, under the effect of crankshaft connecting rod drive the slider, automated, fast after the required size of the wire will be automatically shear, extrusion in the mould for needed fastener head type, stem diameter, facilitate thread rolling, or become a qualified rivet type fastener. The heading machine automatically processes, the wire into semi-finished products.

The machine can produce Truss Head, Countersunk Head, Set Screw, Wood Screw, Chipboard Screw, Self Tapping Screw, Flat Head Hex Head, Pan Head, Hexagon Head, Socket Head, Button Head and so on.

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