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Cold forming machine supplierCold forming machine supplierCold forming machine supplierCold forming machine supplier

Cold forming machine supplier

  • Model:HRS series
  • Max.dia:10MM
  • Max.blank length:150MM
  • Stroke:220MM
  • Output:60-200pcs per min
  • Die dia:55MM
  • cut off die dia:28MM
  • oil pump:0.25KW
Salient Features:

1.These cold heading machines are fully automatic and easy to operate with little training, fitted with Solid Die to produce blank for Bolts, Screws, Rivets and other similar components. Cut off and knock out mechanism have safely devices that will stop any major accident if any abnormal function occurs in machines.

2.A positive knock out provision had been made on the 1st and 2nd punches to eliminate the possibility of parts sticking to these punches during the operations.

3.On  some  extra  charges machines will be equipped with Pneumatic Clutch & Automatic Centralized Lubrications systems which provides sufficient quantity lubricating to all bearing surface.

Main Technical Parameters

Model HRS-5 HRS-10 HRS-15 HRS-20 HRS-25 HRS-30
Max. Blank Dia 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm
Max. Blank Length 27mm 40mm 64mm 110mm 120mm 150mm
Stroke 38mm 64mm 92mm 154mm 154mm 220mm
Output PerMin 170-190 120-180 130-160 70-90 80-100 60
Die Dia 20mm 34.5mm 34.5mm 50mm 54mm 55mm
Cut off Die Dia 13.5mm 15mm 19mm 28mm 28mm 28mm
Punch Die(1st) 18mm 24mm 31mm 38mm 38mm 38mm
Punch Die(2nd) 18mm 20mm 31mm 38mm 38mm 38mm
Main Motor Power 1HP 2HP 2HP 5HP 7HP 10HP
Oil Pump Power  1/4HP 1/4HP 1/4HP 1/4HP 1/4HP  
LxWxH (CM) 137x85x102 103x85x95 200x100x120 300x125x140 300x150x140 445x174x151
Net Weight 500kg 1100kg 1600kg 3000kg 3000kg 7200kg
Gross Weight 560kg 1180kg 1700kg 3200kg 3700kg  

Production Items:

Harbin Rainbow Technology Co., Ltd.


Contact Person:Franklin Chen

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