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It works air conditioner outdoor unit with expansion bolts

Today Whether summer or winter, can not do without air conditioning, with split air conditioning is more, by the indoor unit and outdoor unit composed of two parts. The air conditioner installation requirements, the outdoor unit have the right location space. Currently the vast majority can Number of buildings have not reserved space when installing the outdoor unit is commonly used expansionBoltForm bracket. Choose bolts directly affects the quality of the installation of the outdoor unit is good or bad. As a non-standard parts, expansion screw The force in the form of plug is different from ordinary bolts and articulation hole bolt.
      When installing expansion bolts, the first drilling in the wall and then into the entire expansion bolts. Then tighten the nut, the bolt rod and move relative to the expansion suites. Because the expansion sleeve and the presence of friction between the stationary wall, then screw Unscrew the bolt lever outward. The process of moving out ofBolt rodLarge head distraction expansion sleeve, so that the friction between the wall and the expansion sleeve is increased. The friction is mainly used to balance the axial loads suffered bolts. The lateral load Dutch mainly by expansion bolts to withstand shear forces balance. 
   (Source: China standard network)

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