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Cause favored short-tailed bolt

Short-tailed locking boltAbroad, it called Bobtail, which is a newThe height of the locking boltWe can also be called an endless tail locking bolt. Unlike short-tail locking bolt traumatic hex bolt and rivet ring groove, relatively short tail locking bolt clamping force and better corrosion resistance, etc., which are mainly used in railway wagons, containers, heavy truck, construction, solar power, etc. field.
    Many ordinary compared to short-tailed bolt bolt advantage.
    1, the installation speed. Is more than twice the traditional ring groove rivet installation speed;
    2, no tails. Reduce material waste, installation of low noise, better anti-corrosion;
    3, higher clamping force and fatigue seismic effects;
    4, smooth, vibration-free installation process, effectively reduce the impact on workers, reducing operator fatigue;
    5, installation view visual effect.
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