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Tensile strength of concrete analysis of high-strength bolts

Small bolts, but play a significant role, it is necessary to understand the bolt. This paper analyzes mainly small series of high strength bolts stud bolts and anchor bolts of tensile strength.Double-headed screwsandAnchor boltsIt can be divided into fixed-foot studs and studs, studs and studs activities, expansion anchor studs and studs and bonding studs and studs.
      Tensile strength double-headed screws and anchor bolts is the bar itself, tensile strength, and tensile strength multiplied by the cross-sectional area equal to the size of the design value is to allow the tension strength of the design.
      1, the fixed studs and anchor bolts, also known as short stud and stud feet, it watered and foundation together, to fix the no strong vibration and shock equipment.
      There is a strong vibration and shock 2, the activities of studs and anchor bolts, also known as long stud and stud feet, a removable studs and anchor bolts for securing heavy work Equipment.
      3, expansion anchor studs and studs are often allowed to stand for fixing a simple device or auxiliary equipment. Expansion anchorage foot screw installation should meet the following requirements:
      (1) a bolt from the center to the edge of the foundation of not less than 7 times the expansion anchor stud and stud diameter;
      (2) the basis of strength at the mounting foot expansion screw anchorage shall not be less than 10MPa;
      (3) and drilling without cracks, pay attention to prevent the drill bit and the base steel, pipe collision.
      4, bonding studs and studs in recent years for a conventional studs and studs, its methods and requirements with the expansion screw anchorage feet. However, note that when bonding the debris blowing hole, and not get wet.
      Studs and stud feet planted directly affect the quality of the equipment installation. Some devices for elevation, location accuracy requirements are very strict, especially high degree of automation equipment linkage, more stringent requirements. Thus, the double-headed Before After bolts and anchor bolts embedded and equipment installation must be checked and corrected. When a deviation occurs, it should be handled according to the actual situation of the device, using a different approach.
      Double-headed screws and anchor bolts of performance: effective damping rubber vibration attenuation of the machine itself, to reduce vibration forces rumored to prevent vibration force incoming, install the machine does not need to set studs and anchor bolts and fixed ground, saving installation costs, and reduce costs.
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