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Four kinds of surface treatments fastener to prevent corrosion

fastenerMachinery is the most common components, work is also very crucial, but in the course of fastener corrosion is the most common type of damage matters, in order to prevent the occurrence of corrosion of fasteners during use, many manufacturers in the production of fasteners can be surface-treated, which surface treatments that can improve fastener corrosion prevention phenomenon?

There are four main surface treatment can preventfastenerCorrosion phenomenon:

First, the standard plating,This method is the standard solution into the metal, and then let the current standard surface covered with a layer of metal, the role of this layer of metal there are many, for example, we can choose a number of different metal coatings according to different roles , if we want to prevent rusting standard parts, then we can in the standard zinc plating on surface.

Second, the standard surface for heat treatment,There are some standard parts, such as drilling screws needed is relatively hard surface, so it can be heat-treated for drilling screws, drilling screws guarantee has sufficient hardness. The reason for this is that the heat treatment.

Third, the standard mechanical plating,Is to allow the metal particles to be cold welding standard parts, standard parts to ensure that some part of the surface. Mechanical plating with electroplating are basically similar, except that we use the method just not the same, the result can be said to be the same.

Fourth, the standard for surface passivation,There are two main passive role A role that can enhance hardness, there is a standard part of the role is to be able to make the oxidation of standard parts greatly reduced.

During fastener surface treatment process, the specific circumstances of the final analysis we can select the most suitable method needs. Such fasteners during use can play a better role.

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