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Connection mechanism are presented with tower bolts

Currently Transmission Tower all but a few important occasions steel towers, the majority or in the on-site assembly of the main tower, transmission tower assembly is screwed widely used approach, but in the dynamic load or a larger temperature difference Under the occasion, bolting prone to loose, loose strength after the disappearance of connection can cause equipment damage. Transmission occurs at the site of the tower falling down accident often can be seen fallingBolts and nuts, Down the tower accident analysis The report also shows the failure of bolting down the tower is the main reason for the accident.

useScrew threadWhen connected to the nut by applying a certain torque to advance the greater the preload bolt preload, the greater torque, while the nut axially by the reaction force will be. Since the self-locking thread structure, So do not loose bolt connections on their own to meet the requirements under the preload value reaction. This is the principle currently used bolt connection. Thus, the preload on the size and long-lasting hold bolted decisive effect.

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