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Locking threaded fasteners are three basic methods of connection

The basic method of locking threaded fasteners are divided into three basic types:

a. Non-detachable locking

This is a use weld, bonding, or red spots caulking detachable threaded connection is changed to a non-removable threaded connection locking method is a very reliable locking of the traditional method. The disadvantage is that threaded fasteners can not be reused. And the operation is troublesome. Some commonly used in demanding reliable and locking without disassembly of important occasions.

b. Locking mechanical fasteners

Making use of mechanical fasteners between the threaded member and the member is connected between the member and the screw member or threaded pin and fixed tight to stop the loose. The advantage of this approach is that reliable locking,Which generally depends on the reliability of locking mechanical fasteners (or fastener itself, such as slotted nuts) static strength or fatigue strength. The disadvantage is that increasing the weight of fastening, manufacture and installation of trouble, can not maneuver the installation, so the higher the cost. Due to its high reliability locking, some important parts in machinery and aerospace products are still widely adopted.

c. Increasing friction locking

Sometimes increase the use of threaded bolts (screws) and the head end surface of the nut while increasing both friction or friction locking way to achieve the purpose. This locking method than the aboveaClass orbReliability class method to be satisfactory, but its biggest advantage is against the use of space constraints, can be repeated assembly and disassembly times, you can maneuver the assembly, and wherein some fastener(Such as nylon ring lock nut, all metal locknuts)Which locking reliability has reached a high level. Therefore, this locking method in the field of aerospace and aviation machinery manufacturing sector the most widely used.

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