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Multi-station cold forging machineMulti-station cold forging machineMulti-station cold forging machineMulti-station cold forging machine

Multi-station cold forging machine

  • MODEL DBF-134L
  • CUT-OFF DIA.(mm) Ø15
  • CUT-OFF LENGTH (mm) 190
  • OUTPUT RATE (pcs/min) 75-110
  • APPLICABIE BOLT DIA(mm) 8-12.7
  • SHANK LENGTH OF BLANK (mm) 20-160

Machine Description:

MODEL DBF-84S DBF-104S DBF-104L DBF-134L DBF-134L DBF-134LL DBF-164S DBF-204L
FORGING STATION(NO) 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
FORGING FORCE(KGS) 60 80 80 120 120 120 210 350
CUT-OFF DIA.(mm) Ø10 Ø12 Ø12 Ø15 Ø15 Ø15 Ø18 Ø23
CUT-OFF LENGTH (mm) 115 135 185 190 265 285 195 240
OUTPUT RATE (pcs/min) 120-180 90-140 80-130 75-110 50-80 50-80 70-100 55-80
P.K.O STROKE(mm) 18 20 30 40 40 40 40 46
K.O.STROKE (mm) 92 118 160 175 225 280 178 220
MAIN RAM STROKE (mm) 160 190 262 270 380 380 260 346
MAIN MOTOR POWER(kw) 22 30 30 37 37 37 55 75
OVERALL DEMS.OF CUT OFF DIE Ø50x50L Ø45x59L Ø45x59L Ø63x69L Ø63x69L Ø63x69L Ø60x90L Ø75x120L
OVERALL DEMS.OF PUNCH DIE Ø45x125L Ø53x115L Ø53x115L Ø60x130L Ø60x229L Ø60x229L Ø75x185L Ø90x215L
OVERALL DEMS.OF MAIN DIE Ø60x130L Ø75x135L Ø75x185L Ø86x190L Ø86x305L Ø86x305L Ø100x190L Ø125x240L
DIE PITCH(mm) 70 90 94 110 110 110 120 140
APPROX.WEIGHT(T) 14 18 21 28 33 38 45 62
APPLICABIE BOLT DIA(mm) 5-8 6-10 6-10 8-12.7 8-12.7 8-12.7 10-16 12-20
SHANK LENGTH OF BLANK (mm) 15-90 15-110 20-152 20-160 40-220 75-262 20-160 25-200

Machine Details:

The pawl raise automatically.     Swing type pneumatic gripping   Conjugate cam drive gripper     If the wire is short size, the first

                                                     mechanism                                                                                     gripper will not clamp automatically

Hand operated digital feeding         Hand operated digital baffling       Hand operated digital adjustment    Hydraulic locking device for the

length                                         length(optional)                              for the screwed sleeve of rear         screwed sleeve of rear K-O and

                                                                                                                 knock out (optional)                       hydrawlic pressing device (optional)


Air clutch                                       Each station of rear knock out     Centralized compressed-air system.Simple and convenient operating system.

                                                       device can be adjusted individually.

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