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Rainbow Automatic Screw Making Machine Hot Sale Cold Heading Machine

Rainbow Automatic Screw Making Machine Hot Sale Cold Heading Machine

  • Brand name: Rainbow
  • Condition: New
  • Model: RSH6-170
  • Maximum.Blank diameter/mm: 6
  • Maximum.White length/mm: 170
  • Maximum.Cut-off Length/mm: 190
  • Stroke/mm: 230
  • Capacity PC/minute: 50-60
  • Main diameter/mm: 50*220
  • Initial punch diameter/mm: 35*120
  • Accurate punching diameter/mm: 35*130
  • Dead Diameter/MM: 24*55
  • Cutting device size/mm: 12*35*77
  • Main motor power /KW:7.5hp/5.5kW
  • Volume (l*w*h) /M: 3.2*1.4*1.6
  • Weight/kg: 4200

Machine function:

1. These cold title machines are fully automatic and easy to operate. There are almost no training, and they are equipped with solid molds. They can be blank for bolts, bolts, rivets and other similar components.The cutting and knockout mechanism has safe equipment. If any abnormal function occurs in the machine, it can prevent any major accidents.

2. A positive knockout match has been made in the first and second punch to eliminate the possibility of sticking these fists during the operation.

3. On some additional charge, the machine will be equipped with pneumatic clutch and automatic centralized lubrication system to provide sufficient amount of lubrication for all bearings surface.

Rainbow Cold Title Machine

1 body frame is made of iron plate welding
Two spare parts are made of casting
3 Internal is made of bearing steel

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