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China's construction machinery products import and export trade in the first half of $ 9,837,000

Recently, the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, according to Customs data collation, the first half of this year, China's construction machinery products (86 tariff lines) import and export trade volume of 9.837 billion US dollars, down 15.5%. The import amount of $ 1.609 billion, down 13.9%; exports amounted to $ 8.228 billion, down 15.9%. Exports fell significantly differentiation

Construction machinery exports

In the main categories of products, according to the number of export statistics: excavators, pavers, forklifts, concrete machinery, tunnel boring machines, off-highway dump truck export volume growth, loaders, bulldozers, graders, other road machinery, construction cranes and construction cranes, drilling machines and pneumatic tools, elevators and escalators down.

The export amount statistics: Only the truck and tunnel boring machines increase, the remaining categories of products exports decreased. Forklifts, electric forklifts export growth, exports were down internal combustion forklifts. Electric forklifts and tunnel boring machines and other high-tech products export situation better.

Among the major economies in the region, the EU, South Korea, India exports growth. Decline of the United States, China, Hong Kong, Japan, ASEAN, Latin America, Russia and Africa exports. Exports to the EU over the United States, the European Union and the United States in China's construction machinery export market exchange in order of precedence. While exports to ASEAN exports to Africa than Latin America, two regions rank swap market, ASEAN has become China's construction machinery market first.

Machine products are mainly exported to countries outside of Europe, America, Japan, Korea, and the United States, Japan, South Korea has become the main market of construction machinery parts, their parts and components exports accounted for a larger proportion of total exports. Furthermore the proportion of Australia, India and parts also higher, respectively, 42.1%, 37.6%.

Excavator products are mainly exported to Thailand and the Philippines, followed by the United States, India; loaders are mainly exported to Turkey, Russia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Indonesia; bulldozers are mainly exported to Russia, and the Philippines; rollers are mainly exported to the United States, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines; engineering cranes are mainly exported to Vietnam, Venezuela, Singapore, Indonesia, India and the Philippines; tower cranes are mainly exported to South Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia; forklift mainly the United States, Australia, Thailand, South Korea and Turkey; concrete machinery mainly to Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia; tunnel boring machines are mainly exported to Singapore.

Good news for the domestic market

In recent years, the changing domestic and international market, the domestic market rising costs and reduced orders and low profit margins, many engineering machinery enterprises are facing the transformation and upgrading of a severe test. China Machinery Industry Federation data showed machinery industry profit growth rate from 55.6% in 2010 down to 15.6 per cent in 2013.

First half of the infrastructure investment plan introduced intensive, frequent good investment. For the purposes of construction machinery, engineering machinery enterprises struck while waiting for good, but in the positive transformation, adjustment mode and promote industrial upgrading, in order to obtain spatial development and survival in the subsequent infrastructure boom.

Railways, "Thirteen Five" period will accelerate the western trunk railway, high-speed rail, intercity rail, railway interoperability surrounding territory and other major construction projects segment, five years 30,000 km of new railway lines, of which 11,000 km high-speed railway expected at the end of "thirteen five" national railway operating mileage of 150,000 kilometers total.

Highways, "Thirteen Five" period will focus on the smooth implementation of the highway network project, national and provincial trunk upgrade project, rural road safety engineering unimpeded, five new highways 430,000 km, newly rebuilt highway mileage of 30,000 km, expected at the end of "thirteen five", total mileage over 5 million kilometers, which reached 150,000 kilometers of highways.

Water transport, "Thirteen Five" period will accelerate the construction of maritime power, to build the Yangtze golden waterway, to promote transformation and upgrading of the port. 5 years new deep-water berths coastal ports 500, 2020 is expected to reach 2610. 5 years new and improved waterways, 4,500 kilometers planned 19,000 kilometers of high-grade inland waterways basically completed.

Civil aviation, "Thirteen Five" period will further improve the layout of the airport system, expand coverage, optimize network structure, building comprehensive national airport system. 5 years 50 new airports over total expected 2020 national civil aviation airports over 260. Future in the domestic construction machinery industry market is still full of opportunities.
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